School Portrait Payment



  • Use the product ("School Portrait Payment" Group A or B) listed below to pay for your school portrait order online. This secure online payment method is optional, and you may also pay with a check or cash (see paper photo form). The paper form you received at school will have the Group and the Online Access Pin you need. 
  • If you have multiple children, you may still place your order with one check out. Just add one "School Portrait Payment" item to your cart for each child with each child's correct information (Grade, Name, etc). Each child needs to have their form on picture day.
  • After you submit your order, you must write the order number on the photo order form(s) in the space provided and return it with your student(s) on picture day. Make sure to completely fill out the photo form, including what packages your are ordering.The paper photo form is used by the photographer to identify your child and your order. Not submitting the paper form will result in delays processing your portrait order.
  • This online payment option is for prepaying for school portraits. Orders must be submitted before your child's picture day. See the paper photo form for your child's picture day date. If your child missed their picture day, contact us at to arrange a studio make up. 
  • FOR LATE ORDERS: If you did not submit your order prior to picture day and wish to place an online order, contact us directly at before doing so. We need to be informed of late online orders since we have to manually update your child's portrait image. Orders paying only with the paper order form (cash or check) can be dropped off at your schools main office. Please drop off the form as soon as possible in this case. We cannot guarantee late orders will be delivered along with the rest of the school's portrait orders. 
  • For Re-Orders (ordering extra prints after you received your pictures): Use the product "School Portrait Re-Orders". The access pin is printed on the form that was included with your school portraits. 

Sample Order Form: fill out this form after you place your order. The order number is generated after you submit payment.